Hub of Research & Practice
for the Sons and Daughters of Foster Parents

Sarah is the co-founder, thought-leader, and host of the first international virtual symposium on Supporting the Sons & Daughters of Foster Parents: Integrating Research and Practice Wisdom. Bringing together leading-edge researchers, practitioners, neuroscientists, artists, and many more together, we shared research, evidence-informed practices, and emerging ideas on practical strategies to support the children of foster parents throughout their experiences.

Emerging from this Virtual Symposium, a centralized hub of research and resources for the children of foster parents was created. Once you register you will have unlimited access to the Exhibit Hall. This online space includes literature reviews, dissertations, peer-reviewed articles, reports, videos, programs and products, non-English materials, and clinical case examples. It is the LARGEST showcase of materials dedicated to the children of foster parents across the globe in 2017. The Exhibit Hall is a living document, meaning it is created and enhanced by the sharing of YOU! Anyone can add a resource - simply fill out the "Share a Resource Link" within the Exhibit Hall and it will be added to the hub. This knowledge-exchange opportunity helps to build a global synergy to support the children of foster parents.

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