Book Chapter Release: Children & Families

As an invited author known internationally for her research and expertise on F.A.B. families (foster, adoption, and biological), Sarah co-authored two chapters in the book entitled Foster Care: Global Issues, Challenges and Perspectives of the 21st Century.

Sarah Serbinski
Chapter 1
Experiences of the Children of Foster Parents:
A Global Perspective

"Fostering is a relational and embodied practice. It is about relationships to build connections, collaborations, commitment, and community during some difficult times. Finding common ground to support and cultivate the well-being of a child requiring care outside of their current placement is essential, but also supporting the well-being of the families who care for children exposed to maltreatment and/or neglect. In addition to the dedicated foster parents, in some families, there are the biological, adopted, kin, and/or permanent long-term foster children of foster parents. Foster care in the 21st century is recognizing this important relationship within the fostering team." This chapter explores the current research available about the children of foster parents from around the world.

Chapter 2
Why Did It Take so Long to Find Us?

A kinship search program in Ontario "aims to encourage families to consider and rely on their own family members, enhance children’s opportunities to stay connected to their own communities, promote community responsibility for children and families, strengthen the ability of families to give children the support they need, enable children to live with a person they know, and reinforce the child’s sense of identity based upon knowing their family history and culture. This study explores what works and what may need further improvement when implementing and delivering a kinship search program in a child welfare agency."

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