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A mindful way to cultivating resilience through parenthood

As a Parenting & Life Coach, I work with parents to cultivate a wholehearted parenting practice and lifestyle based on your goals for personal and professional work.

To me, a mindful way to cultivate resilience through parenthood is a process that asks parents to befriend our life-changing stresses. This may require us to be with uncomfortable feelings and emotions as we continue to move forward in our parenting journey. Our life-changing stress can be anything - trying to conceive or adopt a child; exploring our perceptions and expectations as parents; balancing parenthood with transitioning back to the workplace; caregiving to our children and elder family members; grieving a parenting loss (e.g., missing a milestone in your child’s life); decluttering your home; losing our sense of purpose… These life-changing stresses, and so many others, can also be compounded and complex; and integrates our self, others, and our community. No one stress should be judged more or less than the next one in our lives.

My coaching services invites us to learn, cultivate and practice our own parenting resilience through a framework of traditional and innovative coaching approaches, underpinned with relational neuroscience, mindfulness, and branding. Parenting is a lifelong journey of learning, processing, forgiving, and then accepting what we cannot change. It is also about the need to be curious, open, and accepting of the possibilities that emerge from our experiences. We can learn something from each event in our lives.

In addition to providing direct coaching service to clients, I am a former Board Member at BlueRio Strategies that supports the coaching community within Canada and the United States. To me, coaching provides a trusting, creative, and respectful process that delivers throught-provoking sessions resulting in your own discovery, clarification and productive self-improvement. My passion is being an integral part of building more kind and compassionate parents, to themselves and their children, which leads to a stronger family and community.


Parenting & Life Coaching is a process by which I assist in partnership, collaboration, and inspired support for you to reach your goals. Coaching is a relationship which is designed and defined by you and based on your expressed interests and goals, which is outlined within our Service Agreement. As a coach, I assist you to identify your personal and/or professional goals, develop strategies and action plans intended to achieve such goals, and monitors progress towards implementation of the action plan. This inquiry process may include strategies, such as: discussion, arts-based activities, contemplative practices, embodied movements, journalling, photography, worksheets, and much more!

It is important to note that as a coach, I do NOT provide therapy, counseling, medical advice, or healing treatments. Sessions are confidential up to the extent that the law provides. You are responsible for your own achievements and success and I do not promise that you will take any specific action or attain specific goals.

Coaching Process

Step 1: Complimentary 25 Minute Consultation

Let's talk! Coaching is a relational and embodied practice.
During this conversation, we explore whether coaching is the most appropriate method to move you towards your goals.
This information is used to develop a specialized coaching package just for you!

Step 2: Sign the Agreement of Service

The Agreement of Service is a 'roadmap' of our coaching process to explore your goal(s).
This contract must be signed to indicate your consent for coaching services.

Step 3: Coaching Sessions

We begin coaching to set a foundation for self-discovery, clarification, and accountability.


Your coaching package is designed specifically for you.
Please contact me directly to discuss costs.

Cancellation Policy

I am committed to providing all of my coaching clients with exceptional services. When a client cancels without giving enough notice, they prevent other clients from being seen. If you need to cancel or reschedule a session, please let me know by 3:00PM (EST) on the day prior to your scheduled appointment. To cancel a Monday appointment, please contact me by 3:00PM (EST) on Friday. If prior notification is not given, you will be charged the full session fee. This Policy is based on respect to you, me, and other clients who may have wanted that time.


. . .

"Coach Sarah is love, intelligence and groundedness in one package.
She creates a space of respect and non-judgment where her words encourage her clients to strive for their higher dreams and aspirations.
She is comforting and practical and any session with her is a gift to one's body, mind and spirit!"
- Roshni, Toronto

"Sarah is a really AWESOME coach to work with.
She is a great listener who guides you to be more mindful in your life."
- Adam, Hamilton

Certified Leadership & Resilience Coach

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