Researcher & Evaluator

Telling stories through research

As a Researcher & Evaluator, I have over 10 years of experience in research and evaluation project management that assists community-based agencies, government, and academic institutions to yield the best return. I provide clients with as much or as little support as they need.

Findings from my in-depth reports have been used to help clients move forward with their strategic objectives. 90% of the research I have completed has resulted in agencies improving and enhancing their services, increasing staffing capacity, securing additional funding, and/or successfully advocating for positive change

In addition to presenting at over a dozen conferences, authoring over 15+ peer reviewed publications and almost 50 agency reports, my work has been mentioned in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Atlanta Post, and Fostering Families Today. To me, research provides an evidence-informed foundation of knowledge that sparks curiosity and opens opportunities for interdisciplinary and international connections, conversations, and positive change. My passion is being an integral part of building strategic partnerships which leads to strong and healthy agencies and communities.


Research & Evaluation services are individualized to you and your project. Services may include: grant writing, mixed-method (qualitative & quantitative) project design, literature reviews, ethics review proposals, data management, database construction, data collection, data analysis, report writing, and/or development of presentation materials.

Research Process

Step 1: Complimentary 30 Minute Consultation

Let's talk! Tell me about your research or evaluation project.
During this conversation, we explore your topic, question(s), methods, and what you want to learn from this project.
This information is used to develop an estimated project cost just for you!

Step 2: Sign the Agreement of Service

The Agreement of Service is a contract that outlines services, costs, and deadlines.
This contract must be signed prior to any services being undertaken.

Step 3: Service Begins

We start your project!


Each research and evaluation project varies in design, complexity, and timelines.
Please contact me directly to discuss costs and method of payment.


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"As a new organization, wanting to ensure our program is meeting our adoptive parent community's needs,
Dr. Sarah Serbinski's guidance, in the creation of our evaluation, was beyond amazing. She was a pleasure to work with, always quick to get back to us and answer all our questions. She is thorough, efficient and above all, passionate for the work she does. Dr. Sarah Serbinski came highly recommended to us, and we now understand why!
Given our positive experience, we recommend her without hesitation."
- Julie Despaties, Founder and Executive Director, Adopt4Life: Ontario's Adoptive Parent Association"

"Dr. Sarah Serbinski came highly recommended as an independent researcher and we are grateful for the referral.
Her knowledgeable guidance throughout the process of conducting a comprehensive evaluation of Adopt4Life's Parent2Parent Support Network was invaluable.
Sarah's professionalism, skill and thoroughness were evident from the initial meeting to completion of the final report of findings.
We look forward to having the opportunity to work with Sarah again in the future"
~ Erin Ingard Rau, MBA, CPA, CGA, Associate Director, Adopt4Life: Ontario's Adoptive Parent Association

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