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Our website is under construction,
as we are in the process of expanding our business services for you!

Serbinski Research Inc. is a dedicated, multi-service, small business focused on providing academic research, program evaluation, and consultation services. We love working with academics, organizations, entrepreneurs, and local businesses to help them use data to move forward in their projects. We will continue to provide these professional services, as researching is at the heart of what we do.

Moving into Fall 2024, Serbinski Research Inc. will also provide yoga and wellness services. Integrating health and wellness coaching, mindful movement practices, and researching new and innovative approaches, we will guide clients to relieve stress, deepen their self-awareness, and improve their overall well-being. We are excited about this new addition to our woman-owned and operated business, and hope you are too!

We will post updates, promotions, and more details about our wellness services as we get closer to our launch in autumn of this year.